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    Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique but tied together; Trades occur, merchants travel and treaties are reviewed, signed and broken: it's a way of life. The population is a mix of humans and mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered and deadly. Though for now there is peace, a stable peace, as each depends on the others to maintain the delicate chains of life. What all citizens of every country have most in common however is their védo, a beast that is bonded to them and protects them from the dangers of this world. In a world where loyalty is everything, which side will you choose?

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 Forbes, Konrad Meuric, Pirate | The scorn of Krakos Captain
konrad meuric forbes
 Posted: Feb 3 2015, 09:11 AM
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thirty two

Konrad Meuric Forbes
thirty two
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So hoist the sail and raise the flag, we do not stop for night; We'll ride the wild winds and waves until the morning's light!

The child was thought dead when he was found - unmoving, apparently unconscious, eyes closed, breathing shallow. He was no older than 9, washed up on shore, cuts and bruises blemishing his half clothed body. There had been a serious storm the night before, and the boy was not the only wreckage and cargo that was washed upon the shores of olcoast that morning, but he was the only live cargo. A kindly man had resuscitated him, saved his lungs from drowning in trapped waters. He was revived and taken to the elderly mans home to be looked after. When he was seemingly well enough, the man asked the basic questions; What is your name, boy? Where are your parents? Where do you come from?, all to which the mysterious boy had no response.

It was thought, then, that the boy was a surviving victim of the storm after having ripped apart the ship on which he was traveling, taking with it his parents. No other survivors washed up - only those of the dead, none of which the boy identified as his parents. Two weeks later, with no signs of any claim to him, the boy was declared orphaned, and the kindly man who had cared for, a man who had lost his own wife and child many years ago, took him under his care permanently. He was given a new name then; Konrad Meuric Forbes, the last name being that of the kindly old fisherman who now called him son.

Konrad never did recall his life before he washed up on that beach. He doesn't remember his parents, his old name, who he was in any respect.

Konrad was a relatively quite child, and usually did what he was told, but never with content. He learned the ways of being a fisherman and fish merchant, helping the old man, his ward, as he was ordered. He knew he owed this man something, his life, at least, but he didn't like to be in debt for something he didn't remember, and that was his rescue and the earlier events of his young life.

When the boy was fifteen, his ward witnessed the boy's power - he found him fishing one day, pulling fish out of a small whirlpool the size of a barrel. Konrad had discovered his own power at a young age, not long after he had washed up on the shores of Olcoast. The old man implored to boy to go study as under a Magemaster, become an Apprentice Mage, and learn to control it. Konrad refused point blank. He had no interest and as far as he was concerned, he could control it. He exercised his power regularly, and his whirlpools were growing bigger and stronger slowly, but surely. The old man was disheartened, knowing the boy wasn't interested in being a fish merchant, or a fisherman for that matter, and had thought the suggestion would help the boy discover his path.

Instead, Konrad, by the time he was sixteen, decided it was no longer in his best interest to live with the kindly old man, and left unceremoniously one morning. The old man searched for the boy, for a no note was left as to his whereabouts. Konrad left without a second thought, considering his debt to the man paid with the work he had done over the years. The kindly old man never heard from the boy he considered a son again.

Quiet and unassuming at his age, he was also highly naive at this point. He left without thought for what that meant, where he would go, where his next meal would come from. He made his way to the city of Eriedge, but quickly found himself homeless, alone and hungry. He learned to beg, copying off children his age and younger, though never approaching them. He earned enough in day for half a loaf of bread for a week, on average. Some weeks, nothing. Others, he would maybe get enough for a whole loaf. For two years he scrounged, trying to figure out how to make his way through this world. His life as a beggar gave him a harsh wake up call and a passionate want and appreciation for money.

When he was eighteen, it was time for him to make a new move, to make a change. He plucked up the courage to walk up to the castle, ignoring the gazes, the spits in his direction, the high class men and women jumping out of the grungy young lads way. His purpose was to find someone and ask to join king's navy. He wanted to learn to fight, to command, to sail on the seas that he has long considered his calling. Walking up to the first guard he saw, he was shooed away. Konrad pestered the guard, profusely, until the guard had had enough - he beat the boy. In his eyes, he was a dirty beggar whose only interest was to pick his pockets. So he beat him. Taught him a lesson. Konrad crawled away, one eye swollen shut, bruises and swelling in many other places, surely a few broken ribs and a broken nose. He certainly was taught a lesson; cruelty.


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