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    Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique but tied together; Trades occur, merchants travel and treaties are reviewed, signed and broken: it's a way of life. The population is a mix of humans and mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered and deadly. Though for now there is peace, a stable peace, as each depends on the others to maintain the delicate chains of life. What all citizens of every country have most in common however is their védo, a beast that is bonded to them and protects them from the dangers of this world. In a world where loyalty is everything, which side will you choose?

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 The Caged Bird Sings
the gods
 Posted: Jul 7 2014, 09:16 PM
roo & raptor
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CHARACTERS INVOLVED: amayah, all birds

There is only so long that a tame bird will remain so, before it wants to fly away.

In Fallhaven, the Mistress of Whispers is learning this the hard way. She is young, but normally efficient; she expresses her control over her little birds with seeming ease. They are ordered everywhere; from Morbourne to Valcoast and everywhere in between, to pick up any information that could possibly be of use to the Kingdom of Fallhaven. But the birds grow tired of being ordered about like slaves; most wonder why they have to listen to a young woman, a young woman who is permitted to sit on court and is paid in gold.

There is more at stake than you would expect, when the little birdies want to fly away from home – they know too much. Which the ability to blend in with their surroundings, to become a myriad of other people, the birds know everything there is to know, including valuable information around Fallhaven that could prove useful to a selfish rogue.

The Mistress must gather her birds and try to clip their wings, less they fly away and sing all to sweetly into another's ear – singing songs of weaknesses and numbers, of Freeriders and Queensguard.

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