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    Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique but tied together; Trades occur, merchants travel and treaties are reviewed, signed and broken: it's a way of life. The population is a mix of humans and mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered and deadly. Though for now there is peace, a stable peace, as each depends on the others to maintain the delicate chains of life. What all citizens of every country have most in common however is their védo, a beast that is bonded to them and protects them from the dangers of this world. In a world where loyalty is everything, which side will you choose?

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Alaric leontis endellion

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He's wild, you know. Not like a tame lion.

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<div align="right"><font style="color:#9B1010">a piece of his mind...</font></div>
  • Fire. The way it moves, and consumes. The way it dances while it destroys. Fire becomes the lion king, fire is the king, and he cannot sate his undying craving for the element. Even in his dreams there is always burning.
  • Swordplay and fighting in general. Alaric is, and always has been, a man's man. As such, he is always quick to quell aggression with aggression. Whether it is with a sword, an axe, or even merely his fists, Al was thrown into the fighting ring at a young age and expected to succeed. So succeed he did. The king might not be the best fighter in the kingdom - after all, that's what he pays an army for - but he can certainly hold his own against a fair amount of assailants.
  • The Fall. He just likes the way the leaves change to yellows and reds and golds, and how the entire world looks like it's copying the appearance of a flame. A simple pleasure, but a pleasure all the same.
  • Hunting. One of his favorite pastimes, it isn't often to hear that the king has gone hunting again if you live anywhere near the castle. There are times his cook staff feel he could feed the entire kingdoms if only he had enough arrows and stags. As it is, he keeps his own belly quite full and makes sure his servants do not go hungry. (On top of the usual fair of course, he doesn't just hunt everything. He pays other people for that.)
  • Women. Ah women. What wonderful vixens they can be. Alaric loves a good and wild fuck as much as the next man, but there is a certain kind of woman he is particularly drawn to. Women of good standing, good mind, and good manners; women that know what to say and when to say it. He doesn't much care for the self-righteous creatures playing at politics, after all it is a man's game and they should stick to their own affairs; however, he does respect a woman who can hold her own amongst her more testosterone ridden companions.
  • Parties, and large gatherings. Any excuse to throw a party, you better believe that Al is on it. He loves being around people, especially his people, and any reason to drink is a good one in his book. Honestly, if his kingdom were any less prosperous, he would have run his coffers dry long ago.
  • Horseback riding. Like most noblemen of Morbourne, the king has his own horses and stables and such which he uses at his own bidding. Growing up, riding was as necessary a skill as learning to fight, and his parents ensured he learned it well. Today, if one looks closely his legs have a slight bow to them from his many hours spent in the saddle each week.
  • Andere. The man is not only Alaric's commander of the kingsguard, he is also his best friend. Al is grateful to the patience and long hours of the kings endless venting and complaining about meaningless things the man has allowed him over the years, and in turn has seen that Andere has never wanted for anything. If there is one thing, Alaric can be expected to do regularly, it is take care of his friends.
  • His kingdom. It's his, what else is there for a reason? In the king's mind, there is nothing so great as his own nation.

  • King Corentin. He thinks the man a selfish and self-righteous fool. A bastard who has no right to sit the throne of his little ocean rock. There is an old feud between these two, and one that will not be forgotten easily.
  • Cordelia Meridian. The fact that a woman sat the throne of Fallhaven in the absence of a rightful king was once thing, but the fact that she play at empress while her husband sits by irks the lion to no end. It infuriates him that a woman should rule, especially one that is so openly childish and with such a reputation for infidelity. It is a man's dishonor to be unfaithful, not a woman's.
  • The idea of being set up by a woman. Honestly it just goes against sooooo many of his principles. Firstly, the notion that any woman should be in control of any aspect of his life an insult not only to his stature as a king, but his place as a man. Secondly, that Cordelia should be so bold as to flaunt a piece of forest ass in front of his nose and think he would beg for it is just plain insulting. He would sooner fuck the lady in question and send her back with a bastard to boast of. The whole thing just infuriates him to no end.
  • Being disobeyed or argued with. Al has never been one to take disobedience, or any sign of disloyalty, lightly. He is swift and harsh with his punishments, and his bad side is not one you want to get on.
  • Just arguing in general. To the king, arguments are best left to women. Let men decide things like men: in the fighting ring, with their fists. (It could just have something to do with his inability to come up with clever retorts, but he would never admit to that.)
  • The pressure to produce an heir. He isn't deaf, he's heard the whispers and he knows what people are saying. Morbourne is without an heir, and that is perhaps the most threatening enemy of all. Alaric wants to give his people a prince, but he refuses to do so with any woman other than one who is worthy of the queen's throne.
  • Feeling as if he's failed at something. A king is always under pressure to be at his peak. His peak in battle. His peak in politics. His peak in sex. Everything has to be the very best, and sometimes Alaric simply is not the best that he can be and he hates those times. He hates feeling as if he has let anyone down.

<div align="right"><font style="color:#9B1010">the character of his past...</font></div><p>

Manly, and blunt is the king. A gruff example of mixing testosterone and booze. Raised mostly by his father, Alaric was deprived of the tempering emotion that a mother's love might have given him. He grew up, instead, basking in the glow of tournament knights and the symphony of metal peeling against metal. As a child he glorified that brutal entertainment, and as he matured it turned into a desperate longing to be one of them. To be a tournament champion. So Alaric grew in the shadow of fighting men, and has evolved into the brutish creature he is today.<p>

Alaric was only a few months old when he was christened heir of Morbourne. He was held by the priests, the crown of his head smeared with the holy oils of Tytos, and proclaimed the sole heir of the fiery kingdom. The crowd cheered at their prince, overjoyed at the young cub's arrival. But there was a darkness that shrouded his birth, a sickness that crept in unannounced and unforgiving. A sickness that attacked his weakened mother while she was still bed ridden from the long pregnancy. <p>
Amara Endellion remained for six months after her babe was born. For six months she withered and shriveled beneath the thick blankets and roaring fire of her hearth, always cold and always sweating from a fever they could not break. The king summoned healers from all around Domhnall, but nothing they tried would save her and she simply faded away like a flame dying out. <p>
The kingdom wept at the loss, but none so bitterly as their king. Hestiod Endellion was beside himself with grief. For days he would not leave his fallen wife's side. Though she was already gone to meet Tytos in his heavenly flames, neither food nor drink could tempt him from her bed. His vigil was one of solitude, anguish, and the desolate knowledge that this was only the beginning of the rest of his life alone.<p>

He grew up a politician's son before all else. Alaric was bid to spend hours seated silently as older and wiser men argued about war plans and battalions and somehow there was always gold to be considered in all matters. The young prince was tutored by his sire personally, as well as by a number of maesters and tutors, in a number of subjects. Government, economics, communications, reading and writing, and of course there was swordplay. From the tender age of 4 years, the princeling was thrown into his studies and expected to succeed. He refused to let his father or his kingdom down.<p>

He was six years old and already he knew the names of every royal, every noble, and every dignitary of the three kingdoms. Alaric was determined to make his father proud. He had to. <p>

The boy was no fool; he could sense the distance and feel the awkwardness that hovered between them like a disease. The young prince was sure his father loved him, it was his father after all, but he couldn't understand why the king didn't like him. It broke his heart, but it spurred on his efforts in every aspect of his teachings. <p>

It was on his seventh birthday that Alaric broke tradition and instead delivered a present to his father. The were supping one of the great halls of the castle, and the young boy was feasting on all assortment of roast fowl and sweet puddings, but the king seemed disinterested to put it mildly. Hestiod rose to leave, wishing his son a curt and hushed happy nameday, but Al would not be dismissed and forgotten. <p>

"Father!" The king turned back to see a small, burning lion pacing on the floor of the hall. For a moment, he could only stare at the manipulated flames, his face lacking any emotion to illustrate what he was thinking. Finally, as the figure crackled away into a puff of sparks and smoke, the king gave a smile and an approving nod before continuing on his way. It wasn't much, but it was a start to a beautiful relationship.<p>

Bold and courageous, but the man is not without his faults. He can be brazen and stubborn, clinging to "his way" even when there is a better solution. The king is quick to lose his temper, and refuses to bend to any others' will but his own. He will not walk if he wishes to run. He will not be quiet when he wishes for loud and boisterous laughter. He will not bow when it suits etiquette's strict demands. Alaric is prey to his pride, and more than once it has been cause for argument and no small amount of regret.<p>

"I don't care, father! I don't love her!" It was the third time this week that they had, had the same conversation. Alaric was already 16, and with no prospects of finding a wife. Hestiod had tried time and time again to find him a noble born lady of suitable looks and attitude, but every woman offered forth was met with the same hard headed resistance. "I won't marry her to just to make you happy!" And he wouldn't. Alaric would send away a hundred suitors before he would agree to marry someone simply for good breeding or to give the kingdom a princess and future queen. He would rather die than marry someone he didn't love. <p>

It was two days since their last argument, but Hestiod and Alaric were still at odds with each other over the idea of marriage. "I'll be back before the next moon." The aging king assured his adolescent cub as they walked together toward the waiting carriage. "I expect you to think over our last discussion while I am away." Oh sure, Al would think about it, though not with any differing opinions. "Son, I don't want to fight with you right now, alright?" The king sighed wearily, and it was strange to see his father looking so vulnerable. "You know I love you, no matter the decisions you make. You are my son," Hestiod clasped a hand around the back of his boys neck, pressing their foreheads together affectionately. "You are my blood." Alaric could only nod bitterly at his father's farewell, but he watched the carriage disappear through the ornate gates that marked the inner boundaries of the castle's courtyard. It would still take him a few days to reach Fallhaven, and even longer to parlay with the rulers there, but he would be back and with his return the arguments would be resumed. It was not a homecoming that the young prince was looking forward to. <p>

Two weeks passed before the party of soldiers sent to escort his father during his business in Fallhaven returned...alone, and battered as if they had just come home from a brutal war. Alaric watched from the window of his chambers as advisors met the soldiers at the steps to the palace. There was a brief discourse between them, and then a strangled cry of grief.<p>

Hestiod would not be returning with the next moon, or any other moon. He would not be returning at all.<p>

Above all, he is king. He is ruler and protector of the realm and all of his people that inhabit it. As such, Alaric acts with the poise and resolve of a soldier, the care and love of a shepherd, and the heat and passion of a flame. He has doubts, he is human. He has flaws, he is only a man. He becomes angry, aroused, anxious, paranoid, and he feels pride and fear and every vice that might be thought of. But he does his best to live up to his father's name, determined and resolute in his mission as the king. <p>

It had been years since his coronation, and even longer since his father's death. The kingdom had completed its mourning and celebration, and a relative normalcy had been found in spite of Hestiod's absence. The sun still rose and set, and the seasons still passed without fail. <p>

A new darkness rose in the distance though, the promise of death and war. Alaric sat heavily in the highest most chair of his council room, preparing for yet another war meeting. He would hold Valcoast in his hands, or he would burn them to the ground... "So let us begin.."<p>

<div align="right"><font style="color:#9B1010">the power at his finger tips...</font></div><p>

Alaric possesses the ability to not only manipulate flames, whether it be enlarging them or coaxing them into some sort of appearance, but he can also create his own fire. The king also possess the rare capability to manipulate another mage's flame, though this is more taxing and takes more of his concentration as he must overpower the other mage's control before he can exert his own. Along with his manipulation and creation of fire, the king was blessed to be fire proof and any flame to touch his skin will not burn him. <p>

As with any flame, water is a constant enemy. Even though Al can create his own fire, that does not make his flames immune to being doused by the pesky liquid.

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