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    Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique but tied together; Trades occur, merchants travel and treaties are reviewed, signed and broken: it's a way of life. The population is a mix of humans and mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered and deadly. Though for now there is peace, a stable peace, as each depends on the others to maintain the delicate chains of life. What all citizens of every country have most in common however is their védo, a beast that is bonded to them and protects them from the dangers of this world. In a world where loyalty is everything, which side will you choose?

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Mauric rhys nereau

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The seas be ours and by the powers where we will we'll roam.

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  • Sailing. Ric has spent his entire life on the sea, he really doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to liking it. Good thing he honestly does though or he would be miserable following ol' Kingy around. Luckily, it's easier to work his magics at sea, and the boy is nothing without his magics so the ocean makes him a happy camper.
  • Doin' his magey mage thing. When it comes to magic, Mauric just can't get enough. He reads every book he can get his hands on about magecraft - specifically for water mages. If he's not doing something on the ship - which isn't hard for a shifty guy like him - you can usually find him playing with mists.
  • Theia. Well if he didn't like the girl he wouldn't have spent his entire life with her right?Ric has spent most of his life keeping an eye on this little pirate, making sure she doesn't get herself into too much trouble and that her little affairs never come back to bite her. Somewhere in the back of his mind he probably assumes they will end up together.
  • Booze, women, and booze. In that order, in that combination. There's nothing like a good fuck and a good drink to wash it down with. Whenever the Morning Star docks at some port, Ric is always one of the first to hit the local taverns and get his game on.
  • Thinking. Even pirates need time to slow things down and just...be every once in a while and Mauric is no exception. There are days when he just likes to find a place to hide out - he generally goes to the bow of the ship - and think with the wind blowing in his face and combing salt through his hair.
  • Playing games. Ric can be a bit immature at times. He's always pushing things to the limits, seeing how far he can push a person's temper - usually Hundor's - before they snap. Pranks and jokes are a necessity and if something is broken or out of place it usually has something to do with his latest scheme. He sees life as a game, and you better know he's got to be the best damn player around.
  • His védo. He takes this guy with him everywhere, and there have been more than one instance when he's the only one to get Ric's original sort of humor. These two are as thick as thieves.
  • Coming up with nicknames for people. Usually these are somewhat insulting and meant for his own personal enjoyment. So far there is Queeny (Theia), Warden (Hundor), Kitten (Diardo), and Kiddo (Ebert). Ric would like to make a reminder that these names are subject to change depending on personal relationships and or how he's feeling at the moment.

  • Being too serious about things. Being such a light spirit, he really doesn't like it when things get too heavy. It makes him feel awkward and insecure and who likes feeling like that?
  • Being spoken down to. Ric thinks of himself as a top of the food chain kind of guy, and when another person talks down to him it really irritates the guy. While Mauric is many things, he isn't someone you want to take lightly, and he's got a mean streak a mile wide and definitely knows how to hold a grudge. More than that, he knows how to get even. He's a pirate for crying out loud - duh!
  • People messing with his family (crew). No matter what Ric might say or how badly he might get on his crewmates' nerves at times, he really does love them all like family and he would do anything to keep them safe. Loyal to a "T", if he sees someone advancing on even the most recent member of the crew, you can bet your bottom dollar that Ric is gonna jump in no questions asked.
  • Loosing at his own game. If there's one thing Mauric detests it's being outsmarted in his pranks or jibes. He always has to be the wittiest and smartaleckiest guy around or he'll be broody and snippy for the rest of the day.
  • "Dry" spells. Whether it be in terms of women or booze, Ric can't go without his not-so-guilty pleasures for long. He starts to get broody, and snippy, and shrouds himself and those around him in a constant fog just to be dramatic.
  • Getting bored. There is a huge difference between slowing down, and slowing waaaaaay down and Ric is certainly not a fan of the latter. He hates days that seem to drag by and on those days he's at his worst when it comes to pranks and practical jokes. It's not unheard of for him to get into random brawls out of sheer boredom.
  • Roman. Ever since Theia met this guy she hasn't stopped thinking about him. She even brought him on the damn boat, after they broke him out of prison! Ric has been broody and and snide with this man ever since he met him, jealous of the attentions Theia should be giving to her first mate instead. As such, Roman has been put at the top of his shit-list.

Personality: In simple terms, Mauric is a jokester, and an arrogant one at that. He thinks he cant be beat, that he's top of the food chain, and no one will ever outsmart him or beat him at his own game. He's been known to make the rest of the crew suffer with all assortments of practical jokes. His favorite pass time is bugging the hell out of Wardn and seeing how long it takes the giant of a man to pop and try to break Ric in half. Maybe a bit risky, but it's always fun and gets at least one or two laughs from the people around them! He has a habit of dressing up when they make port and acting like a visiting noble, calling himself Lord Nereau. It's gotten him free ale before so hey! something's working right?<p>

Even though Ric's earned a name for himself as something of an overgrown child, he has an uncanny knack for getting out of trouble. Believe it or not, beneath all the smirks and witty comments, he is a pretty smart guy. He has a sort of sixth sense for when things are going wrong and generally can tell when it's time get the heck outta dodge. While he prefers to keep out of full on fights as much as he can, he can hold his own until back up arrives if only by dancing just out of reach of his opponent. When he has to take an offensive stance, he prefers ranged weaponry such as throwing knives, however, like any good pirate he does have a working knowledge of swordplay and is constantly honing his skills. Mauric is a guy who doesn't miss much, and he's learned over time that there are certain quirks of a body that if you catch can tell you more about the person than they think you might know. The dilation a pupil when someone tells a lie, the subtle rise of their pulse in the vein at their neck when their nervous or paranoid, even the shift of a muscle can belie a person's supposed actions - they may be saying left, but their body is saying right. <p>

No matter what, when it comes down to the line, Maruic is as loyal as they come and he thinks everyone else in the crew should be too. Even if he doesn't seem like it, he loves his crew like family, especially Queeny who's become a sort of sister - albeit a sister he likes having sex with - in the long years they've spent together. At the end of the day, Ric would do anything to keep his family save, even if that means jeopardizing his own life. He is fiercely protective - even over guys like Hundor and Ebert who, truthfully, really don't need it - and he won't hesitate to jump into a fight after them. After all, since it's a pirate's life for him, he might as well haul in with his crew right?<p>

HAIR: Ric's hair is a varying example of brown. While on the ship he doesn't pay much attention to it besides cutting it every once in a while to keep it out of his eyes, he has a habit of combing it back when he goes on land. He thinks it gives him a more "dignified" appearance. <p>
EYES: On a daily basis, Mauric's eyes are blue like a tropical ocean with flecks of green making them almost appear a bit hazely. When he uses his magic, they turn a misty grey with the density of this grey depending on the extremes to which he uses his abilities. <p>
HEIGHT: 6'1"<p>
WEIGHT: 185 lbs. <p>
BODYSHAPE: Ric is pretty lean, but don't let that fool you. A life full of hard work has made him tough, and he's got plenty of muscle to back up his talk (unless you're Hundor, he doesn't have that much muscle....). While he does have some definition, he has more of a lean athleticism than any sort of bulky muscle formation. <p>
OTHER: At any given time Mauric carries with him an assortment of weapons. In his boot he carries a long dagger, and another at the back of his waist. Around his torso is a vest that houses eight throwing knives in total - four on each side of his ribs - which are fairly simple in design (see here!!!). Hanging from his left hip, as he fights mainly with his right hand when it comes to swordplay, is a slender cutlass that bears a silver hand-guard (see sword here!!!). He tends to wear dark leathers worked in special oils that make them waterproof. Of course if he were to go swimming in them they wouldn't be very effective, but they work rather nicely for standing in the middle of fog or mist which happens rather often in his line of work. Also, if he's going on land, he tends to wrap his hands, or wear gloves. <p>

On his right palm is the raised scar of a "P" and on his left a similar scar of a "T" after being branded; literally. These are evidence to him being a pirate and a thief, and having been caught for both of them. On his back are long scars made by a whip, he's carried these since he was a child living on the streets. <p>

JOB: Pirate - First Mate of the Morning Star.<p>
MAGIC: Manipulation of water into mist/fog. A skill that's come in handy over the years, Ric can pull water from the air around him or puddles or hey! even the ocean! and separate the particles enough so that it becomes a light or dense fog. When it comes to pulling from the ocean, it's a relatively easy task and while he will eventually grow weary with constant cloaking, he can provide a fair amount of coverage for a fair amount of time. However, on land if he's pulling from puddles, or the air especially, it takes a bit more work and as such energy.<p>

When he's not at "work" it isn't rare to see him playing with his magic and he'll sit for hours working with his mists, delicately poking and prodding and shaping it to his wishes. Sometimes these figures can be as simple as a sphere, or as intricate as a miniature ship - although he swears up and down it's an exact replica of the Morning Star it's pretty iffy where it could be considered an exactly replica of any sea worthy ship.<p>

Manipulation of water into ice. One of his main offensive techniques, this skill works much in the same way as his ability to create fog. However, this takes a bit more of his concentration and energy as this involves the second step of grouping the water together tightly and then freezing it. Once frozen into perhaps spikes or small pellets, he can shoot these at people as small projectiles. This is usually a last ditch effort when he has run out of other options or means of attack, as it takes up much more energy than creating a fog screen, and much more concentration than just running away. <p>

  • He was told his father was some lord of someplace, but he never really got the whole story and today has no idea of who the man may or may not be.
  • His mother was a common whore and died shortly after Ric turned three of tuberculosis (although none of the doctors knew it as such).
SIBLINGS: None that he is aware of.<p>

<div align="center"><font style="color: #4169E1;">.:|| "The greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved - to be just nobody." ||:.</font></div><P>

He remembered she had always worn a smile for him. Whether they had been out on the cliffs with her knelt next to him, an arm around his waist and her fingers tickling his stomach, whispering stories about merpeople who rode kelpies like horses and had courts in castles made of pearl. Whether they had been sitting in her rooms all covered in lace and satins and smelling of candles and smoke and sex. Whether they had been talking about the future as if he were meant to believe he could honestly have one. She had always worn a smile, and so he had always thought her to be happy. In his mind, she had been the one good thing in a too weary world. But then it had all changed with a spot of red on a handkerchief. <p>
What doctors they could find had no clue what ailed her, but they promised she wouldn't last through the year. <p>
He remembered she had told him all sorts of stories about why she was leaving. She told him she was going to live with the merpeople, but that he couldn't join her until she had things ready there. She told him that after a while she would become very still and tired until she would close her eyes and not wake up until she was in the pearl castle. She had told him not to worry, that they would be together someday and that they would dance with Krakos in his courts and they would dine on all the finest dishes the see had to offer. She had painted him a pretty dream, and for a while that dream was enough for the young child. <p>
He remembered standing on the rocky shore, watching the small casket-like canoe drifting farther and farther out to sea. A woman was talking to him, who it was he couldn't remember though she seemed to know a lot about his mother because she kept telling him how she would want him to be a big brave boy now. She was telling him to remember his mother's name and keep it as his own. He was Nereau, Mauric Nereau. He should hold onto that name - hold onto her in his heart. But he wasn't listening. He was watching his mother. He was waiting for the merpeople to take her to their castle made of pearl.<p>
He remembered his name, but he didn't remember ever seeing the merpeople his mother had promised him.<p>

<div align="center"><font style="color: #4169E1;">.:|| "Growing up is losing some illusions, in order to acquire others." ||:.</font></div><p>

Mauric spent weeks trying to survive on his own. He had been whipped and beaten after being caught trying to steal food, and he had been half-killed and worse. He was starving and dehydrated and life was slipping by fast for the boy who carried his mother's name.<p>

And then he saw her. She was troubled, and in trouble more often than not, and she was just as lost he was if not more. For at least he knew his place in the world, knew what he was and who he was, but her questions lingered in the darkness of her sweet eyes and made him feel hollow and empty for not being able to answer them. Mauric loved her immediately, though he loved her in the way a young boy loves his younger sister, and she became his sole purpose for surviving. <p>

It was weeks still after his first sighting of her that he grew the courage to show himself as well, and he made a show to dazzle her with the beginnings of his mage abilities. He wanted her to be as amazed by him as he was by her. He wanted her to need him, to want him. Krakos knew no body else would... <p>

The two were fast friends, and Theia told him her secrets when she was forbidden to tell anyone else. But who would he tell? He often reassured her that he had no one aside from her. Perhaps that made their bond stronger, they clung to each other as each were denied their place in this world that had no love for young brats unfortunate in their bloodlines. <p>

They were thick as thieves...for a while. And then time did what does best and changed them. Changed her to be exact. Her powers had always lain within her, waiting for her use, and once she realized them it was as if the world realized her. Suddenly, Theia had purpose in her father's eyes, and more and more Ric watched his friend fade away into the world she had been meant for. Her father turned her into the mage he had wanted, and when Ric was sure he could stand it no longer, she told him she was to be married. <p>

All the years they had spent together, and never had he realized the point when his affections had turned from brotherly, to something else that made his heart ache relentlessly at Theia's news. She was lost to him. <p>

<div align="center"><font style="color: #4169E1;">.:|| "You can never love people as much as you can miss them." ||:.</font></div><p>

So Ric said goodbye to his almost love, or rather, he disappeared in a cloud of fog with the evening tide. In reality, he left Theia nothing more than a brief note left for her to find at their meeting place. A short, "Take care, I'm sorry," scrawled hastily on a piece of parchment in his nearly legible writing that maybe she got, and maybe she never did. Honestly, in later years he was too ashamed to ask. <p>
Mauric had honest intentions for his life at first, he truly did, but whether it was simply bad luck or good mischief, he found himself aboard the smuggling ship Racing Wind. Ric remembers well his stay upon the vessel, and even better he remembers wishing it would end. After having spent most of his life within shouting distance of Theia, it was more than strange to find himself away from her and not the center of attention. He was like an only child suddenly spirited away into a family with too many brothers and no sisters worth mentioning, and worse than that he was no faced with being dropped to the bottom of the totem pole and weighted down by a number of responsibilities he hadn’t thought of receiving when offered a place on the ship. <p>
The young teenager was constantly sick of being assigned lesser tasks. He scrubbed here, pulled barnacles there, but he had a knack for sneaking away and getting into trouble so finally they put him in the galley where there were closed quarters and always someone keeping an eye on him. To put it mildly, Ric despised the galley. Never did he have to try so hard - or fail so much - in escaping his imprisonments as he did when he was working in the ship's kitchens and he would remain there for the worse part of three months. Right up to the day when their vessel would be raided by a rival ship. Their captain killed, the crew disbanded and scattered in the hopes of saving their own skins, the ship stolen by those who had attacked them; Mauric was right back where he started: alone, and with nowhere to go. He was desperate, and it is when a man is desperate that he finds himself thinking up desperately ridiculous ideas. The most foolish of which being the one he would unfortunately act upon.<p>
He was going to find the Racing Wind, somehow steal her back, and captain his own crew of pirates. <p>

<div align="center"><font style="color: #4169E1;">.:|| "There is only left or right, and there is no reverse." ||:.</font></div><p>

When you're young you often do stupid things, and Mauric certainly came to make his fair share of mistakes in his quest to reclaim the Racing Wind. However, his greatest failure came in the form of his greatest success. It had taken weeks to track down the bucket he had once called home, but at long last Ric had found a lead and it would cost him dearly. He was heading back to the docks – having managed to make it to a port in Morbourne at that time - when he overheard the knights talking about a ship that could strip their vessels and still have speed to spare. Ric was able to garner enough information to give himself a place to at least start, but in doing so he was caught in the devils’ hands and forced to play their fiery games. <p>
At first the knights bantered back and forth whether or not they should just kill him, and Mauric was smart enough to thank the tides he wasn't in Valcoast or they certainly would have. In the end, they settled on something far more painful. They branded his hands. On his left went a "T" for thief, and on his right went a "P" for pirate. A seemingly easy punishment yes? No. This was only part of it. Thinking him a toy for their drunken amusement, they spent what felt like hours flicking a bull whip against his back. Hot streaks left behind the leather tongue that trickled a sticky itch he found later to be blood where the wounds had cut deep. They might have killed him in the morning when he woke had he not been able to escape - wriggling free of his bindings and scurrying away to freedom. <p>
The pain was unbearable, and he couldn’t ask for help – not from Morbournians and especially not after that had marked him so cruelly. Ric was forced to stick to the shadows, too weak even to call upon his abilities to mask and protect him. Whether the magic of “true love” or some sappy fairy tale offered him the strength, or just a simple case of extremely good luck, the pirate managed to make his way back to Valcoast – back to Theia. But he wouldn’t receive the greeting he had been expecting.<p>
He found her already on the run and for a crime that made Mauric’s head spin. She had murdered someone. Theia. Theia had murdered someone. He couldn’t fathom it. The reasons he understood, the motive he would have shared if invested enough in the situation, but the act was simply inconceivable and thus it was pushed away into a dark place behind his thoughts along with his mother and the merpeople and the other things he dared not to think about. Theia had murdered her husband, fine, all fine, he didn’t care anymore, all that mattered was getting her to safety now. He secured them passage on an honest enough ship to Fallhaven, making a deal with the captain in order to keep their names a secret. Mauric would never tell Theia exactly what he had done, but if she had heard a loud splash in the night and counted one less crew member the next morning, she never let on. Perhaps she understood him better now that she had her own sins; people did what they had to do in order to protect the ones they cared about, the ones they loved. Bad luck seemed intent on following them, though, and they had not made it far at sea before pirates overtook them. <p>
Ironic how things catch up with you, and the Racing Wind was a ship that could catch up to anyone. Mauric couldn’t believe his eyes seeing the familiar vessel at last, and it even coming to meet him! Unfortunately, he didn’t have time for excitement, he had to fight for his life. <p>
By the time it was all over, they were all very rich, very incriminated, and as far as the rest of the world knew – very dead. <p>

<div align="center"><font style="color: #4169E1;">.:|| "Even when you heal, you're never what you were before." ||:.</font></div><p>

Years passed and scars rose where old wounds had been. Mauric felt somewhat miffed that the Racing Wind had only been found to be destroyed, but being reunited with Theia quickly did away with any lingering nostalgia for that old rickety thing. Eventually, they would find a new ship, one all of their own. Lithe and swift on the waves like the woman that captains it, just mention of the Morning Star is enough to spread an air of paranoia throughout the ports of Domhnall. For if you've been a ship-man for more than a year you've heard stories or found the wreckage of one of the dread crew’s victims. Throughout those years, Ric became the man he is today. A lying, cheating, rascal of a shit, and he would take everyone of those words as a compliment then cut you down to size for daring to try and offend him - or just laugh because fighting just takes too much effort sometimes.<p>
As he was in his childhood, Ric remains Theia’s shadow and tends to follow the woman as if there were a debt waiting to be repaid between the two of them. He's seen his face on wanted posters and he's seen look-alike's targeted and tried for treason and piracy. But Mauric is of the queen’s phantom crew, and he has yet to be caught a second time. <p>
<div align="center"><font style="color: #4169E1;">.:|| "Make your mistakes, but make them once. And always beware of the fog." ||:.</font></div>

<div style="width: 470px; height: 10px; background-image: url(http://i39.tinypic.com/z4uqd.png);"></div>
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