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    Welcome to the kingdoms of Morbourne, Fallhaven and Valcoast. These cities of Domhnall are unique but tied together; Trades occur, merchants travel and treaties are reviewed, signed and broken: it's a way of life. The population is a mix of humans and mages, with the ruling bodies of each kingdom the latter: super powered and deadly. Though for now there is peace, a stable peace, as each depends on the others to maintain the delicate chains of life. What all citizens of every country have most in common however is their védo, a beast that is bonded to them and protects them from the dangers of this world. In a world where loyalty is everything, which side will you choose?

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jocosa lillian argrave

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emily didonato

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break me down, you've got a lovely face

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  • ALLAKER - Allaker is her best friend and someone that holds all of Jojo's secrets. The two red-heads should be known as the twin devils for thier flaming red hair and thier crazy tendencies.
  • Vedo - Who doesn't love the King of the Undersea Jungle? Jojo's Leopard Seal is her best friend aside from Allaker and both are just about as crazy as eachother. Bad influences on eachother. Her vedo doesn't follow her everywhere and only occasionally does she travel the halls with Jojo, often when she's in a singing mood and the Leopard Seal likes to sing along.
  • Swimming - If you have been born in Valcoast than you have to love swimming. It's a national past time.
  • Being Boss - Because Jojo is what you call an Alpha Dog and she won't let you even try to upstart her bossy position. She likes where she is and she isn't going anywhere.
  • Pain/Hate/Anger - She likes to watch the emotions flit through whomever she's messing with's eyes. She also tends to like to feel a bit of pain in her ah, nightly escapades, and while she isn't above anger and hate she finds it's petty in other people. Her anger and hate get her places.
  • Singing - Is she a good singer? Well that's up to you. Ever since she was little Jojo was singing songs she either made up or learned and you can find her singing softly to herself or belting out a song while running wildly down a hallway with her vedo following along and belting out her own special song.
  • Her Magic - By using her magic Jojo gains the ability at being the most dangerous thing around. She likes that so she likes her ability. Being able to breath unlimited underwater is a nice touch too.
  • Baths - Ah baths. Warm relaxing with big bubbles she can roll around with a man in! Well a bath just before bed time actually relaxes her and when she's just about to go to sleep it's nice to feel the warm water running over her nude body.
  • Men - Because who doesn't? Jojo is a wild kinda girl so she needs a variety of men to sate her. Sometimes it's a woman who gives her a thrill and gets her through her lust.
  • Krakos - She adores her god. His cruelty, his anger and hate towards those who think they can control him. If God was a man on this planet Jojo would be on him like a bear on honey.
  • Valcoast - Oh Valcoast How I love you! Her favorite one line song to sing as she's flying down a hallway or standing on a balcony overlooking a garden full of people. Valcoast is her home and Valcoast is a place she loves dearly. Really the only thing she 'Loves'
  • Becoming a Royal Mage - Because if she's a Royal Mage than she's got some power under her belt. Besides it's exciting to try every one of her teacher's nerves.
  • GAINE - He's a man, and he also wants her. But Jojo knows how Gaine thinks, he only wants her because she's a woman, because he wants a harpy. Sure it's the same thing Jojo is doing but she isn't going to make it easy for him.
  • Stuck up Royals - How dare someone believe they are better than her! Her ego won't allow it and she'll take personal action against the stuck up bitches in the Court. She hates when someone acts superior to her.
  • Morbourne/Fallhaven - They are rival Kingdoms and Jojo could care less about them. She doesn't detest one more than the other and probably wouldn't care for anyone who come from that place. Perhaps if the right kinda man came around she'd give him a night to impress her. But otherwise she really doesn't care for the other two Kingdoms.
  • PIRELL - He doesn't like her so she hates him. Pretty simple.
  • Horses - Big dumb clumsy beasts that aren't good for anything but meat. They are useless in her opinion.
  • GAINE - Doesn't like being considered a Harpy one bit. So he's also on her shit list.
  • Boring Days - Days that bring nothing to do or finds Jojo bored are dangerous days to others. She'll make her own entertainment and you can certainly know that if that happens someone might loose a vedo, or even end up hurt.
Jocosa does not tolerate any shit from anyone. You mess with her or ALLAKER than your a permanent enemy. Jocosa is abusive in a lot of ways. She's abusive in her emotions, she's abusive with her powers, she's abusive with her responsibilities, and she's abusive to others physically. Jocosa's emotions are all eccentric, each played out with as much force as a hurricane. Her boredom comes with angry outbursts and constant movement, if Jocosa doesn't have something to do than she's upset and she'll take it out on the nearest person. Her anger comes like a flash flood, sudden, violent, and on a large scale. Jocosa is not subtle in any way and she'll not pretend she's some perfect lady who knows how to be subtle. If she wants something from you you'll know it, for example if she wants you dead she sure as hell isn't going to not tell you. She'll come after you with a silver fork if that's all that's handy. If she wants a good romp with you she's not going to be all lady like and subtle about it she'll corner you and practically rip your clothes off.
Of course anger, lust, and boredom aren't the only emotions Jocosa feels and her other emotions are just as powerful as the others. When Jocosa is happy there is a better chance she won't try to dominate every person she meets though the chance is slim. She's a very excitable person when it comes to anything to do with going somewhere or using her magic. Jocosa likes to be outside and away from the 'ladies' of court and all the proper etiquette that is required for it. Don't think Jocosa will give you sympathy if your her 'friend'. The only true friends she has would be her Vedo and ALLAKER, whom doesn't fully escape Jocosa's cruel ways anyways. She likes to show how cruel she can be, she enjoys the thrill that she gets when she makes someone bleed or tears every little emotion out of someone. She's very good at saying just the right thing to have you crying to your mama. She manipulates peoples emotions, feeds it seems off their hate and anger towards her. She regards those emotions as petty yet she experiences them just the same.
Jocosa doesn't like to be messed with, she doesn't like being told what to do and she does not like to be sized up. In her book she is the Alpha dog and those below her better realize that or they might find themselves in a sticky situation. Jocosa doesn't like being told no but she doesn't like being alone. With ALLAKER she doesn't have to worry about that, not that she really worries about things like that, but deep down inside Jocosa doesn't want to be alone so she has become the woman to either watch closely, or be afraid of. Being feared is better than being loved, or so she believes. In times of anger and even in excitement Jocosa has been known to strike out against someone. She is no way a fighter but she can pack a punch and her powers give her a more dangerous edge. Her Vedo helps her keep her violent ways. If Jojo can't get to you herself than she'll have her vedo go after the vedo of whomever ticked her off. In almost everything she does Jocosa is a violent person who cannot control her angry outburst any more than she can control who she is. Jocosa, when happy, displays an odd sense of being a grown child. She can be found laughing ridiculously and skipping down the halls with ALLAKER in tow or she can be singing a tune she either created herself or took from a song while walking down the halls. She's an odd character that doesn't necessarily care about the outcome as long as she's on top and whatever happens makes her feel better.
An Interview with a Mage in Training. By Chris P. Bacon
Tell me a bit about your history. Did you lose your parents when you were young? By lose he means kill.
So where is it written that to be as messed up as me that I had to have killed my family? Who are you to say I didn't love them, or that I adored any siblings I had? Well, fine than be that way but if you want to know my history you can just go ahead and find my parents to tell you. Ya, that's right their still alive dumbass. - Jocosa Argrave
So that's just what our sharp little reporter did, he went straight to the source of Jocosa L. Argrave, Mr. and Mrs. Jaremal Argrave.
Well, ever since Jocosa was a little girl she was a bit..well a bit eccentric with her emotions. She was a darling little baby, didn't cry a lot, more like a normal child would, but not a lot. She was..uhm..playful with the other kids. Well, when they would play with her.... - Lillian Argrave
She may be my daughter but let me tell you, that girl did not get her personality from either of us. She is a devil! Ever since she was little she was always hitting others, yelling at kids to do what she wanted, always making the other kids cry. She'd yell at us too, she even went as far as threatening to kill our only cow if she didn't get what she wanted. How was I suppose to deal with it! Of course I gave in, that cow was the only thing we had. But that woman, she's not allowed here ever again. The things she did. No, she's not allowed back. - Jaremal Argrave

Okay you twisted my arm. When I was little I liked to play with the little kids. And when I mean play I mean make them cry. I was a charming little kiddie if I must say so myself. Me and my vedo liked to play a little came called, see who can piss thier pants first. I liked this game, it always made me giggle and it was even funnier when anything remotely red came in the area the kids went running, thinking it was my beautiful little face. Ever since I could walk I remember always being up and about, knocking things over and playing in the flour, swimming in places I should, and screeching out songs that sometimes didn't even have words. Me and my vedo were like mass murders, except we just made kids cry.
I was never allowed over at anyone else's house, always told that I couldn't come and have supper with my friends, or play over at their house. So I took to haunting the alleyways and any place that would serve as a play pen. As I grew older people made fun of me, because of my mean nature and red hair, but I was always two steps ahead of them, making sure they never messed with me again. I hated the other girls because they tried to pretend they were better than me. It only served my cruel nature to grow and nurture itself. My childhood was filled with fun and games. My parents let me do what I wanted, unless they wanted to be scolded. I killed my mothers cat because she kept forgetting to let it in. Perhaps now she'll take more responsibility and be a better mother. My father detested me, I could see that clearly by the time I was old enough to go and work on my newly found magic. I adored my childhood and wouldn't have asked for it to be any other way.
- Jacosa Argrave.
Tell me about what happened when you left home
Well, I left when I was fourteen, or should I say I was booted out, to be trained as a Mage. Truthfully, my parents didn't know how to handle me, I was a wild child, still am I suppose, and they never could just stand back and let me do what I wanted. When the call came for gifted children my father was the first one to sign my name up. He was so excited for me to go be a 'Royal Mage' but I knew it was because he wanted me out of his hair, or what was left of it. The time between me being signed up and me leaving was filled with tension. I was extra eccentric, always throwing things, or getting angry at little things at home. I liked to show my parents who was boss and I exerted my control to the max before I left. It's not like I wanted to push my parents away but I just couldn't help it, really it's just my personality. If someone can't handle that then I suppose you'll just have to go poof. So anyways, I left with this uppity lookin' man, not sure who he was I can't remember his name. Anywho's he took me to Eriedge and I started my training. Surprise huh? - Jocosa Argrave
When my daughter left I was. Well I missed her after a while. I guess I just needed a break from all the things that had happened. She killed our cat you know, because it wouldn't stop meowing when we didn't let it in at night. I had that cat ever since it was a kitten. I love my daughter, really I do and I'm sure she loves us. Isn't really all that sure. I just hope that since we sent her off to be trained in her water magic that perhaps it might put some purpose in her. Krakos knows she needs it - Lillian Argrave.
When we sent her off it was the best thing that happened to us since she was born. Don't get me wrong, when she was a baby we all adored her, I still love her somewhere in my heart, but she was too much. To much spirit for this family and I just don't think she needs us. We, my wife and I, we needed her but she's not much for the being needed. I bet she's all cozy where she is now - Jaremal Argrave
So tell me about the first year in Training
Well, I meet ALLAKER, let me tell you that girl is a riot. Wouldn't go anywhere without her. Me and her hit it off from the start. Met her the first or second day at Eriedge and ever since then I've known she's the only one I can trust, besides my vedo of course. Anyways, first thing I say to her, 'Damn woman, where the hell did you get your hair!' Cracked her up. Cracked me up too. I swear to god she stole her luscious red locks from me. But anyways. After a couple days in Eriedge I found out that I didn't like being bored. Back home I could go out and play with the other kids, but the people here were stuck up and rude. I don't like them. Not one bit. So I met my teachers and let me tell you, they are some characters. I kinda like the woman, but I don't really like the man. Not much for names anyways. I liked pushing it with them, seeing how much they are going to take before they snap back. It's fun though. I do have to say that I made a big impression on the castle that first year. I couldn't help but continue my terrorizing terror, -giggle- and my vedo was up for it all the way. Me and ALLAKER, we're a dangerous pair and that should have been a warning to anyone who wanted to mess with us. Even though we didn't have a good control on our magic didn't mean we couldn't mess you up.
I remember a time when this lesser noble came to the castle to whine to the king. Well after seeing him the Lady that was with him decided that she didn't like us. We really didn't do anything, just that my vedo tried to take a chomp out of her vedo, but really. She threatened us with all the money she had and it really was a big joke, I told her that too and she didn't like it. So she tried to hit me. Well I may be a girl but I do know how to get a good fight out, even if I'm a terrible fighter. HAH! makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Well anyways, my vedo took a chunk out of the lady's leg, a slow little lizard creature, and I gave her some deep scars in her pretty little face. Well it didn't go over very well with our superiors. But me and ALLAKER, we didn't really car. The first year was hard work but I liked it, surprisingly I liked all the hardships and such.
- Jocosa Argrave
So any interesting tales you'd like to tell about the last three years?
Well, I've become a lot more than what I was, the training has been stepped up and I've decided I want to be a Royal Mage. Me and ALLAKER, were two red devils in the hottest part of hell, -laugh- and trust me I like that. But that boy, what's his name, PIRELL or something like that. He doesn't like me and I'm not sure why. He's always getting in my business and giving me those nasty dirty looks. We don't along and we hadn't from the start. And that GAINE, he's always trying to get in my pants, nasty boy. -giggle- But he's got something coming if he thinks it's going to be that easy. I suppose my reputation in the castle isn't very good but I've got a few people who like me, a few people high up so I don't really think I will get in too much trouble. Of course I've been called crazy, but then again I really am. My training takes up most of my time but that's okay, because I want to learn. That is a good thing about me I suppose, wanting to learn. I have learned that if your scary enough most people will leave you alone, despite status or wealth and I certainly am pretty scary. I guess the thing that I really want is to exist in this place so I suppose being who I am is a pretty much my ticket in this place. So for the last three years I have been holed up in that damn town and so I've taken to terrorizing the good people of the castle because really, what's fun about being boring? - Jocosa Argrave.
Well I want to thank you for that...interesting interview and give you luck on all your dreams
Well isn't that so precious. I bet you do give me luck. Don't worry my good man, I'll be just fine in all my dreams.
I would like you all to know that this interview was not printed do to some..well technicalities. Named Jocosa.
Jocosa retains the ability to breathe underwater for an unlimited amount of time. Jocosa also holds the ability to shoot ice from her palms. Seeing as she is learning her skill still it is relatively weak and takes a bit of a toll on her. But every day she is taught more and more and it helps her to strengthen and control her ability. She freezes the molecules of water in the air around her hands and repels them forward. She hasn't really discovered whether she can control them once they have left her palms but she can control how fast they go or how big they are. She can shape the ice into two predominant features, a spike and a thick block that slightly resembles a ball. With the training she receives she should be able to max her ability and get a better grasp but for now she has fair control over the power.

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